After a quick jaunt in NYC last week with our friends from BizSpark and Windows Store AppLabs (holler General Assembly, Xconomy, WeWork Labs, NYMT! ) our heads are still spinning from the dizzying array of startups we had a chance to meet. Wow. NYC, you have a lot going on.For example, did you know the NYC startup ecosystem we are twice as likely to find female founders or co-founders than in the Valley? Many of the companies we saw there are super dialed in, the quality is incredible. We found at least 3 that we’re likely to invest in now and a few others with potential down the road. The experience last week in NYC is what makes this announcement even sweeter.

Selectable Media, a NYC-based ads platform startups, is officially joining the Bing Fund!


Selectable Media enables consumers to unlock digital content and services in exchange for viewing and interacting with brand advertising. They already have a number of big brand clients under their belt who Selectable Media is helping reach higher brand recall and scaled engagement when compared to traditional ads. Through innovation, they are raising the bar on what consumers can expect from ads, and what advertisers can offer. At Bing Fund, we love companies taking this approach. Using technology and creativity, Selectable Media has identified a unique approach to potentially disrupt a massive market. Money.

Over the next several months, as we continue to do with our portfolio companies Buddy and Pinion, Bing Fund will be working closely with the team to exhaustively explore and identify the paths to help them reach the next level whether that’s through access to domain expertise Microsoft possesses, technology resources, or funding.

If your company is tackling a big challenge by uniquely marrying tech and creativity like Selectable Media is and you’re interested in joining the Bing Fund, visit Bing Fund site to let us know. But like any good relationship, fit is critical. To see what we’re looking for in companies first, check out the tips on pitching to Bing Fund (and other incubators).