Bing Fund is excited to kick off 2013 by welcoming our next investment, LikeBright!

Hailing from fast-rising startup ecosystem that’s Seattle, LikeBright is innovating matchmaking in two fundamental ways – by socializing the process, and introducing better balance between men and women users. Traditionally, meeting somebody online has consisted of users signing up to a service, answering a series of questionnaires, and connecting with, well, strangers. And for females, the process could be even more taxing; on competing sites, men outnumber woman by a ratio of 4-to-1.

What LikeBright does is leverage your existing connections on social networks to help people meet their friends’ friends and match their friends up. In other words, you get the best of both worlds – the scale of your network to help source a match from, and the safety in trusting who’s being recommended by your friends and family. And by virtue of sourcing through social networks, the likelihood of playing on a level is higher.

To celebrate today’s announcement, LikeBright is kicking off a contest to find the World’s Best Matchmaker, where winners will be rewarded with a number of cool prizes! For contest details, check out their blog post.

Special shout out to Andy Sack of TechStars Seattle for connecting us to LikeBright! Today’s announcement is more evidence of an increasingly rich and vibrant ecosystem we have here in Seattle.