BuzzTable has agreed to take a strategic investment from the Bing Fund!  See their earlier announcement here.

Hailing from NYC and built by a team of hospitality veterans, BuzzTable is a suite of services catering to restaurants and guests alike. Using the services, restaurants get to spend more time managing and improving the guest experiences, and less time worrying about the waitlist or creating inefficient loyalty campaigns. For guests, no more big awkward buzzers to walk around with or repeatedly checking in with the host to see how the line is progressing.

Helping drive efficiency in an industry the size of restaurants is a formidable challenge for any-sized company. Startups who take on big bold challenges with the singular belief that they can simplify the experience at scale using technology and smarts, is at the core of what Bing Fund believes – disruption can come from many places.


Check out the awesome 18-sec video announcement BuzzTable created on the fly!

Bing Fund Team